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  • 1 Log/1 Mini Log Combo

    1 Log/1 Mini Log sold as a set so you have the ability to record your...

  • Log Book

    Record your contacts with this full-size log book.  This is the ARRL...

  • Extra Manual

    The Extra Manual is used to study for the Extra Class (advanced) license.

  • Technician Manual

    The Technician Manual is used to obtain the Technician Class (entry...




Ham Radio Books

Amateur "Ham" Radio is a communications adventure!  You can talk all around the world right from home.  Or, if you prefer, you can be mobile.  Whether you are more "plug-and-play" or homebrew (build it yourself), there is a radio and an activity just waiting for you!  Here are the books to guide you on your way...

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  • License Manuals

    Participation in amateur radio requires a license.  If you are just starting out, there are three basic licenses:  Technician Class (entry level), General Class (intermediate) and Extra Class (advanced).  The Technician and General licenses each require you to pass a 30-question multiple-choice exam.  The Extra license is a 50-question Multiple choice exam.  The full question pool for each exam is contained within the license manual.

  • Antenna Books

    There are several books available for those who want to build an antenna.  Each book deals with specific types of antennas and their variations.  Clear, detailed information is provided, including band(s) available for that antenna.        

  • Log Books & Repeater...

    The trusty log book is available to record your contacts.  This is the ARRL log that has been the accepted standard for years...but at a discount!  Stock up!  

    You'll find both the Pocket and the Spiral Desktop Repeater Directories here.  Just as with the log books, you have size for home and one for mobile ventures!

  • Emergency Services Books

    Here you will find books pertaining to ham radio and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), NWS (National Weather Service), and other emergency services and categories.  For those interested in learning about and participating in weather and disaster events, these are the books that will get you qualified.  

    For weather spotter classes, contact your local branch of the National Weather Service for times and locations.  For FEMA certification classes, visit FEMA's website.  

  • Misc. Books & Other Items

    All other amateur radio books available on this site at this time will be found here!  Emergency Vests and additional non-book items will be listed here as well.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items